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Alternative Providers

Community Activities

Meadows School are proud to offer our students an enriched curriculum opportunity by using Community Activities available across Greater Manchester.   Our education team take pupils to venues such as Link 4 Life, Madlho Centre, the Signol Centre and The Agricultural and Rural Centre CIC (ARC), where pupils get to take part in animal assisted education, Earth Science, outdoor pursuits and educational trips and visits.

Our pupils are supported at school and The ARC by qualified specialist SEN teachers, clinical and educational psychologists and support staff.

Work Experience Opportunities.

Meadows school ensure that our year 10 and year 11 pupils are given appropriate work experience opportunities including attending work based alternative providers such as SMS,  Whitebridge Hair and Beauty Centre,   Nod farm & dog kennels and ACE Construction which offers workshop based experiences, replicating industry practice.


Meadows school also offers work experience opportunities for pupils who are interested in food technology, childcare and Music.



More Information

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