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SARP: School Assessment and Reintegration Programme

All young people who come to Meadows School receive a comprehensive 6-week assessment (SARP: School Assessment and Reintegration Programme). The SARP was devised to ensure that all pupils receive a full assessment at the start of their education with us. The SARP offers an academic baseline assessment in numeracy, literacy and science, Cognitive AbilityTesting (CAT) and a Boxall assessment of social, emotional and behavioural needs.

By completing the SARP, pupils also fulfil an ASDAN qualification helping with a sense of achievement early on in their education experience.

The SARP then informs the Seniors leaders where the best place would be to educate the pupils moving forward. This may be to remain with us in the school/education hubs, to access one of our Quality Assured Alternative Provisions or to move to another school setting which may suit their needs more appropriately e.g. vocational college or a special school.

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