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Our Governors

Meadows School introduced a governing body in 2016 and has now grown to include the company directors, external education specialists, care manager, safeguarding lead and care staff.  Most of the current Governors have responsibilities or are members of sub-committee’s that are devoted to improving the education for our pupils.

The role of the Governing Body is to make decisions about the school and how it is run. Governors are strategic leaders of the school and have a vital role to play in making sure every child gets the best possible education. The focus is to ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction, holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, the performance management of staff and overseeing the financial performance of the school..

The Governors meet three times a year and sub committees meet at least termly.

Chair of Governors

Sue Cryer – Safeguarding.


Paula Forth (Head of School)

Linda Robinson (Secretary)

Jane Toner (Director)

Jonathan Rigg (Director) – Finance and Budgeting.

Neil Shelmerdine (Director) – Vice Chair of Governors

Ian Bywater (Property Manager) – Health and Safety.

Joanne Sheldon – Equality, Inclusion and SEN

Karen Brandon (Operational Manager) – Pupil Welfare/Parents

Trudy White (Parent)

Kelly Sweeney (Consultant Clinical Psychologist) –  Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Karen McCarthy – Training and Careers


Sub Committees.

Welfare and Attendance Team(WAT) Sub Committee

Sue Cryer,  Jenny Shakleton, Jane Blasberg, Paula Forth.


Karen Brandon, Sue Cryer.

Curriculum and Finance

Jonathan Rigg, Jane Toner, Neil Shelmerdine, Sue Cryer.


Please email lindarobinson@meadowscare.co.uk for more information.





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