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Our Curriculum

What will pupils learn while at Meadows School?

Meadows School offers an exciting broad and balanced curriculum that includes core subjects such as Maths, English and Science as well as other subjects including Animal Care, Plant Care, Hair and Beauty, Citizenship, Humanities, Performing Arts, Outdoor pursuit, PSHE, Prevent, construction and building.

We offer qualifications from Entry Level up to GCSE in most subjects.

Our bespoke services include learning at The ARC, a farming environment where pupils get to have their lessons while cuddling a range of animals.   They may even have a lesson in a Tipi. How cool is that!


Pupils are taught in small classes of a maximum of 4:1 often with additional 1:1 literacy and numeracy intervention as required.  They also receive at least 3 hours of English, Mathematics, PE and Science a week and at least one hour a week of other subjects, such as humanities, citizenship, Religious Studies and PSHE.

See HERE for our curriculum booklet for 2020-2021

At Key stage 3, pupils are taught in line with the National programme of study and at Key Stage 4, pupils follow GCSE and Functional Skills qualification syllabus and ASDAN Short Course awards.

Curriculum Plans

See below some of our Curriculum plans for 2018 – 2019:

English Language                                                                   Mathematics   

Curriculum plan yr7 2019                   Curriculum plan 2019 ks3 Maths

Curriculum plan yr8 2019                  Curriculum plan maths ks4

Curriculum plan yr9 2019

KS4 Curriculum plan English                


  Biology                                                                                   Citizenship                                         

Year 7 Curriculum plan 2019                     year 7 Curriculum plan 2019

year 8 Curriculum plan 2019                   year 8 Curriculum plan 2019

year 9 Curriculum plan 2019                  year 9 Curriculum plan 2019                    

GCSE  Curriculum plan 2019                  KS4 Curriculum policy 2019                        


  Religious Study                                                       Animal and Plant Care   

year 7 Curriculum plan 2019                  KS3 Curriculum plan 2019

year 8 Curriculum plan 2019                  year 10 Curriculum Plan 2019

year 9 Curriculum plan 2019

ks4 Curriculum plan 2019  


curriculum plan yr7 2019

curriculum plan yr8 2019

curriculum plan yr9 2019

More Information

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